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Atelier041 prides our self with having a professional manner with all talent and contractors. We have fifteen divisions of artists that are under nine divisions of the industries genres of talent, i.e., acting, art, comedy, dancing, design (fashion), modeling, producing, vocal and writing (e.g., literature, music, poetry and script).  

Announce coming events

Display real testimonials

Announce coming events


Our Fall 2019 Fashion Shows will be in October and November of 2019.  There will be a show at the Detroit Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI on November 16, 2019 from 7:00pm until 9:00pm; there will be an additional show in San Juan, PR on October  26, 2019 place TBA.  Come and explore the fine brands that we have collaborated in this show. 

Display real testimonials

Display real testimonials

Display real testimonials


I was in search of entertainment for a family members birthday and retirement party. After several months of contacting various companies in Las Vegas to assist with planning these two engagements I called Terry at Atelier041 and the event was coordinated PROPERLY within two days of the initial communication. 

 Sarah B. from Henderson, NV


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Display real testimonials


Currently we are holding workshops for various divisions of the entertainment industry.  If you are interested in participating in one or more of these workshops give us a call.

Share the big news

Share the big news

Share the big news


     New locations

We will be opening our sixth and seventh location in Cleveland, OH in January of 2020; and our seventh location in Pittsburgh, PA in March of 2020.


Share the big news

Share the big news


Are there any fees?

There are no fees associated with the application and acceptance of our contracts.

     How does the talent under contract get booked?

Atelier041 has a full staff of knowledgeable individuals that assist in bookings of our talent.

How easy is it to exit a contract?

Atelier041 has a no strings attached (NSA) contract that can be terminated at anytime by the talent without any penalties for early termination.

What are the lengths of a contract?

Every contract is unique to the talent.  And each contract is customized to reflect the talents wishes.

What is the shortest and longest contract that Atelier041 has written?

The shortest contract was for 3 days (tentative), and the longest has been 5 years (tentative).  The 3 day contract was later extended by the talent to 2 years.

What are the age requirements for this company? 

 There is not minimum or maximum age requirements in our contracts.

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